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Today I am going to tell you how to hack Facebook password by using our Facebook Hacker.At the end of the tutorial,you can find our Facebook hacking tool

Do you have a big desire to get a specific account of a person in Facebook?

Your girlfriend/boyfriend/crush’s account without effort?

Don’t worry at the end of this article you will able to hack Facebook account easily by downloading Facebook hacking tool

Download Facebook Hacker:

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About Facebook:

Facebook is the world’s number 1 social networking website. It has millions of members which daily shares,like,comment etc.

Why so many people are using Facebook?

- Facebook has features of photo sharing,chat,tagging and also other awesome features.

- Because of these features Facebook became world’s most famous social networking website

What kind of people use Facebook?

- This is a ridiculous question as every age of people are using Facebook and mostly 13-26 age people use Facebook frequently.
- As Facebook is world’s top Facebook website almost all ages of people are using Facebook


About Facebook Privacy:

- Millions of people are using Facebook so their privacy is the biggest issue for company

- A lot of engineers work behind this kind of security as they need to work on different kind of algorithms

- All algorithms are made my hundreds of people and tested by thousands of employees

- If facebook finds any bug during this process they recode entire code and test again

- Currently facebook has implemented few security and privacy settings in photos,share,like etc. functions

How facebook protects user’s password?

- Upon registration a hidden variable sends data to their server

- Server encrypts that password by using different algorithms like MD5,SHA1 etc.

- After encryption Facebook server fire a SQL query

- After executing query password is added to their server

- When user will try to login with that password Facebook encrypts the password and compare with password saved on database

Note: I know Facebook protects password very carefully.But by using our Facebook Account Hacker,It will be very easy to hack Facebook password

What is Facebook Hacker??

Facebook Account Hacker is a tool which makes your life easier by knowing anything about the people!, because it easily hacks any account just by pressing one button, works 100%, it was tested lots of times and I had no problems!

Note: We do not ask for any kind of personal information of yours so do not worry about our Facebook Hacking tool


- 100% virus free

- Very reliable and free

- 97% success rate

- Hack Facebook Account in seconds!

- You don’t need to enter any private info like password and etc. Just one button and done!

Who made this Facebook  Hack Tool?

We are very professional programmers and you will understand it after using our Facebook Account  Hacker as we have implemented our all the experience in our software.

Update: You can check out our Facebook Hacker Tutorial and its benefits

How to use Facebook Account Hacker?

You need to follow below steps in order to hack Facebook password in minutes:

1. Download Facebook hack tool 2013 from the download button provided below

2. Install Facebook hacking tool

3. Go to your friend’s Facebook profile and get the email address  and profile id[Check out follow image]

Facebook Hacker find profile

4. Put that email address in “victim’s email” field

5.Click on “crack password” button to brute force attack for getting a Facebook password

Facebook Account Hacker crack password

6. You will get encrypted hash of victim’s Facebook password

7. Click on “Decrypt hash” button to decrypt that encrypted hash [We have 1 billion passwords to decrypt that hash]

Hack Facebook Password

8. Now you got the victim’s password! Easy huh?

facebook hacker step 5

9. Check the password by logging into Facebook account

10. Congratulations victim’s password has successfully been hacked

If you have any question or find bug in our Facebook hacker then free feel to contact us